Sunday, April 13, 2008

How can something so sweet, cause so much pain?

My daily love affair with Italian gelato has regrettably ended.

See, I have been trying unsuccessfully to kick my habit of ending each meal with a double scoop of my favourite two flavours - caffe and zabaglione (coffee and egg nog). However, I'm the first to admit that I have trouble exercising self control over dessert and would inevitably end up in my favourite gelateria each night somewhere between the hours of 7 and 8pm. Actually make that my ex-favourite gelateria.

Friday night was no different. I said grazie to the shop assistant and proceeded off happily into the streets of Firenze with my own little bit of heaven. Or so I thought. My stomach unfortunately didn't agree.

The next morning I woke up doubled up over in pain and my body shaking uncontrollably. I have never had food poisoning and I pride myself on my Polish stomach of steel that can quite happily eat egg nog and raw mince tartare style. Since I don't want to lose any of my readers, I won't go into any more details about my next twelve hours of severe food poisoning details, but all I will say is that I never ever want to look at ice-cream again. Even now, I can't walk past a gelateria without my stomach turning. If you have been to Florence, you'll know this is a problem as every street has many gelateria's.

It is now two days later as I write this and my stomach is still making noises that resemble a washing machine. No, not a quiet Fisher and Paykel. More like a noisy machine similar to the one I had as a student at university which had a life of it's own on the spin cycle.

I am now thinking about what lovely treat will become the replacement for my daily dessert. Perhaps a tiramisu or panacotta or some fragola with ricotta and miele (strawberries with ricotta cheese and honey). Hang on, my stomach is making those noises again...

Restaurant recommendation: Ok, so it is an hour drive from Florence, but we had a fabulous lunch at a restaurant at the Barberino Shopping Outlet which by the way is a great day out for shopping (and in my opinion a lot better than The Mall outlet centre). The restaurant name is Ristorante Il torracchione and trust me, just get the mixed grill - massive platters of ribs, roasted chicken and ribs. You can't miss the restaurant as you'll see roughly fifty Italians lining up for it. But it's definetely worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

We will put 50 bucks on the likelihood of you returning to Gelati in 5 more blogs time...
Love Narelle and Ella xxx
p.s keep up the blogging, we luuuurve it!

garrick field said...

my first 10 months in Peru were fairly similar. after a while you learn to tell the difference between food poisoning and a parasite, you become quite the expert really! hope you're feeling better now.