Monday, April 7, 2008

Amazing Abetone

On Sunday morning we got up early to go and visit Abetone. We had visited this ski town initially three weeks ago and had such a wonderful time, that we had to return.

We were a little tired but had to leave Florence early as part of the town near our hotel was going to be closed off to cars from 8.30 am. The 25th Florence Marathon, one of the most important sports events in Europe, was going to be held that day. A quick stop for an espresso at our favourite pasticceria quickly woke us up and the 90 minute drive passed quickly.

As a young girl living in Poland I surely have seen snow before. But because I immigrated to Australia when I was 5 years old, I hadn't remembered it so, in my view, Abetone snow is the first I have officially seen and felt.

It was so amazing to see the beauty in the snow covered mountains, hear children laughing while throwing snowballs at each other and feel the snow drops on our tongues.

My dad grew up in the Polish mountains and was an excellent skiier. I thought that I would have inherited this gene but sadly my skiing attempt was dismal and ended in me covered in bruises on my legs from falling over numerous times. My image of delicate snow softening my fall quickly diminished as I realised that falling on the snow really hurts! And it wasn't only my butt that hurt. The biggest injury was to my pride when I saw ten year old children skiing at fast speeds around me while I was just attempting to stay upright.

All the time we were there I was wishing my family could be there to see the beauty that we were experiencing. When they arrive in the Italian summer to visit, we are planning to take them to this wonderful place as I can imagine there will be just as much beauty in those mountains when they are covered in summer flowers instead of winter snow.

Restaurant recommendation: On Saturday we indulged in a wonderful brunch at the Fusion Bar just near the Ponte Vecchio. I go to the Fusion Bar daily for a cup of tea to accompany whatever book I am reading, but I had never tried their lunch. They also put a twist on my favourite dessert - a white chocolate and green tea tiramisu. I'm sure not everyone would like it, but it's really worth a try. I really enjoyed it, my husband had one one spoon and quickly pushed it away. It's definetely not the winner in my quest to find Italy's best tiramisu, but it was really good and the atmosphere in the bar, whilst not strictly Italian, is very chic and modern.

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I am taking notes on these amazing restaurants, come on Italian food!