Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Becoming a madre

It is really hard to believe that until a few months ago we were living in Florence. And now we live in the Australian outback - what a change. Even harder to believe is that our Italian made creation will be coming into life this Friday at 10am. Thanks everyone for the suggestions of names from Luigi to Fabio...I assure you it's not one of those!

This 9 months has really flown by and I can still remember walking through the streets of Florence holding my belly protectively in fear of an older Italian lady bumping into me (they never move out of the way for a straniera even if there are three of them and one of you!) or an American tourist busily rushing to language school or a bike rider on his way to work oblivious to the beautiful statue he is passing by that millions around the world dream to see one day.

Then once I started showing even slightly, everyone moved aside for me and gave me smiles and most of all advice on what to eat and how to avoid getting fat (hmmm if anyone works out that formula while pregnant, let me know!).

This is me two days ago...I can only imagine the reaction I would have gotten in Italy with THIS BELLY!

Now as I am two nights away from giving birth, it's still hard to believe I will be a mother. So much has happened in our lives this year but of course nothing can top this. I'm looking forward to holding our son in our arms this Friday. I'm looking forward to becoming a mother and seeing Jason becoming a father. And I'm looking forward to being able to eat proscuitto and tiramisu again too! Stay tuned for baby news.


erin :: the olive notes said...

you look so radiant!! So excited for you thoughts are with you :) xo

Anonymous said...

will be thinking of you!!! can't wait to hear all about him!

Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura said...

You are just beautiful! Good Luck xxx

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Monika, you look wonderful! Cannot believe you are going to have a baby this week, :-) Hope all goes well. Take Care xox

Girl Going Skinny (was The Fat Girl) said...

Hey Monika, just wanted to say you look beautiful and wish you luck for today. In a few hours you will become a mum! :)

Gil said...

Hope all of you are well!

Sue said...

I've been holding my breath, wondering how you are! I hope everything went smoothly for you. I can't wait to hear an update.

Hugs and very warmest wishes to you all!

Sue & the gang!

Silvia said...

I was thinking of you these days and I am anxious to hear news, hoping that everything went well!!So excited to know also the name of your son!!! And good luck Mom Monika and Dad Jason! Silvia