Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going home in twelve weeks...

It's just 12 weeks until we leave Italy to go back home to Australia. 12 weeks!!!
We are both so excited to go back home. Italy has been a wonderful adventure but it was never home for us. I've been thinking about things that I'll miss about Italy and things that I am looking forward to when we get back.

For now, here are the things I'm looking forward to:

Meeting our new nephew and seeing our family and friends
Cadbury's plain milk chocolate
Fish and chips on the beach
Getting a new dog
Cadbury's Roast Almond chocolate
Normal white bread that does not go hard by the end of the day
Flyscreens on windows
A garage at home so I don't have to walk to get my car
Cadbury's plain milk chocolate and Cadbury's Roast Almond chocolate
Having a house with an oven so I can bake again (watch out thighs and butt!)
Fresh fish caught by dear husband
Having a large house with a backyard again
Cadbury's Roses chocolates

And things I will miss:

My favourite coffee shop in the world and the friends I've made there
Tiramisu. Oh the sweet love of my life.
Living opposite a pizzeria. That does the best tiramisu. Enough said.
The Cinque Terre
Fresh tomatoes in the shop that smell as if they were picked just moments ago
My local markets with the best salami's ever
Church bells ringing on a Sunday morning
Being able to fly to the opposite side of Europe. In two hours. For fifty euro's.
Chianti wine that does not give a guaranteed headache the next morning


erin :: the olive notes said...

bitter sweet! I love all the chocolate references. I know you'll miss Italy, but I'm sure it will be nice to be home too. We'll have to visit you in AU if we don't make it back to Italy in 12 weeks ! :)


Anonymous said...

you really do love your cadberry's chocolate. I do love their easter eggs with the white cream in the middle!

enjoy your last 12 weeks...a lot of time to do things you never got around to!

Anonymous said...

Cut yourself a lot of slack when you get back, Monika. As you explain so well the feelings of dissociation when you first stayed -for so long! -in Reading and then in the first week or so in Florence, you may have the same unease for several months when you get back, despite returning to the bosom of family and friends.
Enjoy the next 3 months!

Pat C

The Cloudcutter said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog last week and spent two whole days reading everything you've posted since you moved to Florence. I'm from India and I've never been to all the places you write about. Reading your blog has been an absolute delight. I'm sad that your stay ends in 12 weeks... Please write as much as you can before you leave. You have such an engaging style and you pack in so much information as well. You really have a gift. I look forward to reading about your life when you get back to Australia as well.

Babycakes said...

Love that it's mostly chocolate/pudding orientated things you'll miss!

Texas Espresso said...

I hope you'll keep up your blog once you get back. I'd love to hear about life in Australia! what a wonderful experience and adventure you've had. I've enjoyed following you during the journey.


Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura said...

Now you're making me homesick too...

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh I hope you are not too Erin says must be lovely for you to be going home, but I am sure you will miss Italy.

Hope that you blog from there so we can see your area, etc.. :-) have enjoyed reading about your life in Italy too.

'Megan' said...

I have two wonderful Australian friends, who have fantastic qualities. I am probably generalising far too much - I definitely have a tendancy to make sweeping statements, as it simplifies everything! I will be more careful in future, get a bit too carried away whingeing :-)

Anonymous said...

Mons I will miss all those things about Italy and also:

Trattoria's with waiters who still wear bow ties
REAL coffee
REAL coffee flavoured Gelati
Late starts
Light until 930pm in the evening
Truffles..... :-))
Rhons x

Anonymous said...

Mons, and one more thing

I will miss Apperativo! I think this is something we should have in Australia x x x

Ciao ciao