Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anniversary in Florence

Today is our six year anniversary.
Six years seems like such a long time in some ways, but for me our time together has literally flown by. I guess I am with the right person. Actually I KNOW I am with the right person. I can't imagine my life without my amazing husband, Jason. Happy Anniversary husband!

In our six years of marriage, I also didn't imagine that we would also spend over a year living in Florence or four years living in the desert in Australia.

It is also exactly a year since we arrived in Florence. A time of excitement, new experiences and happiness. Mixed in with some stress while we were adjusting and trying to start a new life in a country that really has very complex bureacracy.

Last year for our anniversary we attended a pasta making and wine appreciation course in Tuscany. For our anniversary this year, we drove to Genoa yesterday. We had a wonderful day walking around the port which is gorgeous.

One thing I love about Italians is that they are huge dog lovers. But this was really taken up a notch in Genoa. I think we were the only people not to be walking a dog yesterday. Doggies, big and small, everywhere!

It's very common to walk into a cafe or clothes store in Florence and see a very well behaved doggie patiently waiting for its owner to finish their lunch. I remember back to Australia where we would occassionally take our golden retriever to lunch (back home, there is really only a very small handful of places that allow dogs on their property and you have to sit outside). As well behaved as she was, she would NEVER sit patiently waiting for us. She did every trick under the sun to remind us she too was hungry and inevitably half my lunch was given to 'hungry eyes' under the table.

Please don't report me. It was water in the cup, not Coke.

Unlike Australia, in Italy doggies are welcome almost anywhere. Apart from the Genoa Acquarium (the largest acquarium in Europe). However, look at what service they offer:

There is a lot of shady and dodgy goings on in Italy. At any time you can walk onto the street and buy a fake Louis Vuitton or some new sneakers. However, this perhaps takes the McCake?

Tonight it's our anniversary dinner at our favourite Florence restaurant, Osteria di Giovanni's. I have been dreaming of their specialty pigeon dish for the last week.

Here's wishing happiness and love to all my blog readers today! Hope your week is as blessed as I am feeling right now!


Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura said...

I'm happy that you're on top of the world ! Congrats !

A Little Gnocchi said...


ps. Really, they have a pigeon dish?

erin :: the olive notes said...

Happy Anniversary Monika!!! So happy for you...and this wedding photo is GORGEOUS. Hope you had a super tasty dinner.

Gil said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures! I loved Genoa when we visited it.

Gina said...

Happy Anniversay Mon and Jay. You both have definitely found the secret to a happy marriage!!
Lot of love Gines xx

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy Anniversary..Gorgeous photos..and so brilliant that you went to Genoa. We didn't go there went we were in Liguria, we did more of small towns..So pleased you had a lovely day with your husband.

I did find this amazing, see dogs everywhere and how they are allowed most places..and great of the aquarium..:-)

Have a lovely week :-)

Oh thank you for comment on my massage post. My friend doesn't live near me..unfortunately!!

Texas Espresso said...

Happy Anniversary~ yall are a gorgeous couple! It is a wonderful thing to be with the right person =)

Here's to many more happy years!

Welsh Girl said...

Firstly - how ravishing you looked on your wedding day!
Secondly - I am moving to Italy so that I and the Loyal Hound can take advantage of dog sitting!
Thirdly - can't believe you aren't going to McLatino's for your anniversary dinner!!!!!
Happy Anniversary. here's to many more.

Sue said...

Happy belated Anniversary Monkia! I loved the pictures you posted! Oh, to be in your shoes, travel, and eat such wonderful things! It must be awesome!

Genoa sounds like my kind of place, I would love to be around all of the dogs everywhere!

Welsh Girl said...

If you have a moment come on over to mine and collect an award for being lovely!

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

Belated happy anniversary. What a lovely couple!

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