Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too old for night clubs

When I was much younger, my friend Simone and I used to club hop between the best night clubs in Perth on Friday and Saturday nights. Oh ok, if I'm being honest we even did it on a Tuesday and Wednesday and slept through the next day's university lectures. Armed with our Illusion Midori cocktails, we would dance all night long in stilletto's and skirts so short that I would now consider them a belt.

Times have changed, wrinkles have appeared and I can't imagine that my poor old feet would hold up a night of clubbing any longer.

So what's a 30 year old to do when she can't go club hopping any longer? She goes terrace hopping.

On a beautiful warm sunny day, husband and I decided to visit the best terraces in Florence and admire the view. And as for those Midori cocktails? Well we substituted them for herbal peppermint tea and complained about what the youth are doing these days and how in our time we had to walk to school in bare feet through the snow.

So here's a couple of pictures of the view we took of the gorgeous Duomo from one of our favourite terraces at the Rinacentre cafe. The Rinacentre is a multi level shopping centre with this terrace on top. In the right weather, it is stunning.

Then we went on to the beautiful Continentale Hotel right on the Ponte Vecchio. You pay three times the price for a drink on this terrace but look what you get to see...

Finally we went on to the ultimate outdoor terrace in Florence - Piazza Michelangelo. We pass here on our nightly power walks and let me tell you, whether it's day or night you can not get sick of the view from this terrace.


Anonymous said...

Mon - good grief girl, you sound like a Nanna! Get those stilletos on and get out there, you may not dance the night away until dawn but you can at least get a few hours in!
Rhons x

Welsh Girl said...

Aaaaah, to linger on a terrace with a cool glass of Campari and Soda - beats clubbing any day!!! It's a hard life, but you bear it well.

Anonymous said...

Yes cafes and shopping for me any day. What beautiful pictures you lucky girl,
Love Alana

Jessi Cotterill said...

very beautiful pictures!! and look at the sky, so clear blue...awwww..It's certainly better than clubbing!!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Get those dancing shoes on...your still really young!!

Love the idea of terrace hopping, your photos are great..

Steve Holmes said...

have you noticed how all the police officers suddenly start looking younger.. Never been to Florence but the pics look great..

Carl said...

Pictures are superb and also about to drink on the terrace is good to see,good post this is.


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