Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. ~Author Unknown

So I know it's only been about one day since my last blog. Usually I would ring my Aussie girlfriends and share this kind of news with them, but since I don't have many of those in Florence I had to write about my exciting day. (I did comtemplate ringing them but I didn't think they would appreciate me calling at 2am their time for something as trivial as my hair).

I had my first hair colour appointment in Florence today. My male readers are probably saying 'so what?' but my female readers know exactly the dilemma in trying a new hair colourist.

Jason had told me to wait for an English speaking hairdresser when we go to London in the next couple of weeks but I refused saying I was going to do this in Florence. I am woman, hear me roar! Plus, when I looked in the mirror all I could see was my re-growth that Jason told me I was imagining. Ladies, does this happen to you: you look in the mirror and think 'I could go another two weeks before I need my colour re-done'. But then that very night your hair grows 30 centimetres of regrowth and you can't even bare to look at it? Same goes for my eyebrow waxes...anyway I digress.

I walked into the salon and told the hairdresser what I wanted through the English interpreter. He told me that it was not exactly what he wanted to do and would make it look better than what I was asking for. I started squirming. The English interpreter told me to relax and I realised I was probably sounding like a lunatic giving a hundred instructions on how I like my hair done as if I'm some kind of diva (which I'm usually not).

Feeling deflated I resigned myself to a bad hair colour. Due to the language barrier, the two hours it took for him to do my hair was in silence with both of us smiling politely at each other. He asked one of the girls to wash my hair and I had a flashback to my last hairdresser appointment (see my last blog). I was so pleasantly surprised to get a brilliant head massage. Then my hairdresser exclaimed VOILA! and I nearly hugged and kissed him amongst my exclamations of grazie. I love my hair and feel like a million dollars! Or a million Euro's I should say. Luca from Pistolesi Group - I LOVE YOU!!

When I lived in Australia I felt confident in everything from dealing with advertising agencies in my job to booking a holiday to speaking in front of a hundred people at a work conference. A few years ago I used to be an advertising consultant and drive a company car to visit corporate clients and present a sales pitch in front of a boardroom. Here I am scared to drive down to the shop. In Florence I don't feel so confident and am aware that situations that would never ever usually intimidate me, do now. I know how small and irrelevant this blog may sound, but to me it was a major cause for celebration. Not because I got a hair colour that I love, but because I felt like I wasn't on the back foot yet again in this country.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness....I read your blog holding my breath! Only a woman can truly understand the value of a good hairdresser!

Sue said...

Whew! So glad to hear things went well. It is MAJOR to find someone to do your hair the way you like, especially when you are in a different country and have to explain yourself through an interpreter.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will read more on yours and wanted to let you know that my heart goes out to you on the loss of Jess. They are such sweet, loving creatures, aren't they. I can't imagine how tough it must be for you, I don't know what I'd do without my 3 "furbabies!"

Take care, and I look forward to reading more of your adventures!

Sue said...

I just got done reading the blog about Jessie. I loved the picture...what a beauty. So sorry for your loss. You are right, my Kona and your Jessie looked so similar!

Best wishes!

(By the way, have you ever been to other parts of Germany? It's one of my very favorite places to visit. I used to have family that lived in the north, but they are all gone now. I do still have friends there and try to visit as often as I can.)

Texas Espresso said...

I totally understand the importance of a good cut and color! As stupid as I might sound, when my hair needs a cut, and looks like crap I can totally tell a difference in my confidence. lol I can't imagine getting it done in Italy with the language barrier! Good on you! let;'s see the cute pic..hehe

chrissy said...

You are very brave. It must be terrifying trying to find a decent hairstylist in another country. It's scary enough to do it in your home country. My mother and grandmother were hairstylists, so I've only had my hair done by someone else twice in my life and both times I was less than impressed. Thanks for leaving me a message about my Golden Retriever. I'm so sorry yours died so young. Good luck in finding a puppy, they really help to heal your heart, but they are lots of work.

Simone said...

Oh my goodness - Can I relate! I have resigned myself to awful, non-creative haircuts and self-colouring for the entire 2 years I have been here! The hairdressers here have no formal training but can decorate their salons to look really professional! Brushing your hair as you hear the soothing sounds of 'snap, snap' coming from your head, as your hair splits and breaks off? A head massage that consisted of slapping the head vigourously? I hear ya girlfriend! I am so glad you found something without too much disaster!
I also remember when a successful trip to the laundromat was the highlight of my day - being understood is highly undervalued!

Stef said...

Hi Mon,

I am guessing the photo is of you with your new 'do? All I can say is SMASHING! I love the colour! And the dress is cute!


Anonymous said...

hi mon, when i get a chance to look at the blog love the photos as i can say i've been there now and your experiences ring a bell....although i would never get my hair done there...i've only just managed to have my first haircut in bunbury ilo perth. love to you....michelle dawes now elson with the curly blonde hair tcw bunbury wa

rinniez said...

Hi thanks for the comment on my blog.
Glad your hair worked out well, i know how amazing it feels to walk out of a hairdresser knowing you look great!

Anonymous said...

I dont know maybe you caught Luca on a good day...but I think he is a real piece of shit. He destroyed my hair and then pretended he couldn't speak English when I kindly asked him to fix it. I wouldn't continue advertising all.