Thursday, May 8, 2008

Arriverderci Jessie, the best companion in the world.

When our plane touched down in Australia two weeks ago, we were literally jumping with excitement to see our beautiful dog Jessie. Readers of my last entry will know she was slightly sick and off her food.

Never did I think that two days ago we would be looking into her beautiful brown eyes while our vet sent her to doggy heaven because her body gave in to a very bad case of bowel disease. It was the day that I hoped would never come.

Jessie had been with us from the time we were newly engaged to five years on in our marriage and was truly a part of our family. Jess' vet told us that a lot of dogs will wait for their owner's return before their body finally gives in to their sickness. I love that she waited for us to return from overseas.

Jason and I have been truly overwhelmed by not only our friends with their compassion towards us, but also of stories of how many people can relate to such a sad time with memories of their own pets passing on. Thank you to all our beautiful friends and to our wonderful in-laws who looked after her for the last six months.

As the plane touched down in Venezia yesterday and I boarded a water taxi, I took off my jumper and enjoyed the beautiful Italian sun on my skin and felt the wind through my hair. I finally smiled because I know Jess would have wanted me to. She was our greatest companion that brought a smile to our face each day. She knew exactly when you needed one.

I hear they only serve t-bone steaks in doggy heaven Jess and belly rubs are very strongly encouraged.

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Jay said...

Arriverderci Jess.
We'll miss you.