Monday, March 10, 2008

Our first week in Florence

A year ago, my husband Jason and I were living in sunny Karratha, a small mining town of twelve thousand people .... life was good albeit a little boring. Then the news came that Jason was offered a position on a project abroad for a year and a half in....bella Firenze. Hmmm hang on let me consider my options...desert mining town with forty degree daily temperatures and 200 kms away from the nearest town or moving to a place millions of people will only dream about visiting all on the company's expense....tough choice but we choose Firenze.
This blog is about my thoughts of a country that is not only beautiful but also very challenging if you are here for more than a week on holidays!
Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment and make any suggestions.
Ciao and baci

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Mark and Cint said...

Mon, I know how you feel. My blog is about leaving Brisbane to make life and time in a small town called Karratha. What a life apart from these places. Look where life takes us!